Vallenatas cristianas online dating

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Vallenatas cristianas online dating

1520.00 HJLI Ecos del Palmar, SF de Bogotá(Colombia) 132kb/63sec. 1529.93 HKI81 Alcaraván Radio Puerto Lleras, Puerto Lleras(Colombia) 123kb/58sec. 1590.00 HCRZ1 Radio Mensaje, Tabacundo(Ecuador) 167kb/79sec. 830.00 La Voz de Antioquia, Medellín(Colombia) 97kb/45sec. 880.00 Radio Católica Nacional, Quito(Ecuador) 85kb/40sec. Quito 22/4 2004: 6366.80 un ID Brazil 64kb - 1000 UTC 04/2004. Low-quality-recording, just want your opinion if it is a brasilian station. Rogildo Aragão: "Estimado Malm, obre la emisora en 6366.80 es realmente Brasil, pero parece ser el harmonico de alguna emisora en estado del Acre, que esta mas cerca al Ecuador. Bjorn Mlm: "I heard the station also this friday morning 1000 UTC but very, very weak signal". I, too, feel that you may have been hearing part of a Teleradio time check" Bjorn Malm: "Listed Cali-station is Radio Fabulosa(changed to Melodía? When I 1000 UTC heard colombias national anthem the ID directly after was HJ__ Radio Armomía........"(I do not have this on tape yet) . A year ago the Fhiladelfia church bought airtime and the ID was "Radio Filadelfia". La Ranchera and Popular Colombiana ( Carrilera-Corridos. You can also visit this adress and read more about "La Cariñosa": Calidad "La Cariñosa", Cali(Colombia) 132kb 04/2004. Is "La Cariñosa" the name of Radio Calidads FM-transmitter? Católica Metropolitana, Bucaramanga(Colombia) 127kb 04/2004. Perhaps you check, and at the same time you find out which is their present-day-split". Nuevo Continente, SF de Bogotá(Colombia) 53kb 04/2004. Radio Sensación is sometimes on 804.90 and sometimes on 800.00 k Hz. This is the omly station in Quito owned by the city, all the others are private stations. Could be the same un ID brasilian station I one year ago had on 6370.00 k Hz. Escuchando su grabacion, pude identificar; la musica es de la cantante brasileña Elis Regina(ya falecida), e algo del locutor: "..nesse programa..." "..Acre na nova..." Dias pasados parece que escuche algo por esta frecuencia, pero no de mucha importancia ya que la señal era muy mala. 1500.00 HJLJ Sonora 1500 AM, Cali(Colombia)97kb - 0300 UTC 04/2004. This friday morning very weak signal with "Radio Armonía 13-50 con Dios todo el día". Guayaquil, Guayaquil(Ecuador) 45kb 0330 UTC 04/2004. I have never heard this station before, not on MW not on on SW. Harmonic from 730 k Hz Quito 15/4 2004: 3300.00 Radio Cultural, Ciudad Guatemala (Guatemala) 91kb 1115 UTC 04/2004. The DJ said they were in // with "La Cariñosa Tuluá"(not on my recording). Henrik Klemetz: "Re-inauguration" for this pro-governmental station called Radiodifusora Cultural VITAL 1.190, Jan 27 last. This is not a very good recording but you can hear without any problem that Nuevo Continente has the same prefix as Surcolombiana, Neiva on my recording from 2/4 here below. A station a little bit irregular, off now and then. 5990.30 Radio Senado, Brasília(Brazil) 88kb 1000 UTC 04/2004. 6536.11 La Poderosa, Huancabamba(Peru) 157kb/74sec. Quito 16/3 2004: 0590.01 HJCR [email protected]/ W-FM, Medellín(Colombia) 145kb/69sec. Please send me a mail if you know something about this station. In the mornings 1000 UTC the program and ID changes from "Radio Net" to "W-FM". From 1100 UTC the program also is on 1210 k Hz "...old frequency of Radio Única....". Hasse Mattisson, Sweden has asked if the station is active. One of the strongest peruvians on SW here in Quito. 1450.03 HJNL RCN "La Cariñosa", Manizales(Colombia) 102kb/48sec. I listened to this station for several hours saturday night without ID, just "La Cariñosa" between every song. 1550.00 HCAD5 LV de Chaguarurco, Santa Isabel(Ecuador) 106kb/50sec.

No ID on this recording and to be honnest, I have never heard this station with an ID. He and others are saying it could be Guayana(same as on 3291 k Hz). Muchas gracias por su información sobre lo escuchado en 2390, ya veo que no escuchaba nada y lo logico sería eso. Perhaps someone knows of him, he is talking all the time in a very special way about driving out the devil of your body. CPN Radio, Andahuaylas is also listed on 1470 so I´m not sure it is Lima. I logged Armony Records some years ago on exactly the same split: 1470.02 k Hz. I heard this station from Brazil the first time thursday evening. Guarujá AM, Santos-SP-Brasil que adiciono esta frecuencia" . Does anyone know the correct name of this bolivian station? Always very weak signal, this time enough for a recording. Here in Quito I often have Guayana on 3291 but on 2390 nothing. Gracias a los colegas Glenn y Dario pude salir de la duda y comprobar que lo escuchado en 2390 k Hz era lo mismo que estaba en 3290 k Hz, o sea: Voice of Guyana. 4903.80 Radio San Miguel/"LV del Norte", Riberalta(Bolivia)0000 UTC 04/2004. Many times I have logged them on their 2nd harmonic. This wednesday morning exactly the same program: OM preachibg nonstop 1 hour up to 1120 UTC without ID, without any country-, city- or streetname. LA music with IDs "Radio Restauración" and religious programs without IDs. has a comment on Radio Restauracion 1470 k Hz: "Hola Colega Malm. This evening saturday with ID "Radio Guaruja AM" but I´m not 100% sure. Quito 26/3 2004: 6329.10 k Hz LV de Faique, Faique, Cajamarca(Perú) 132kb 03/2004. Henrik Klemetz: "Gonzalo Espinoza Cortes told me in a chat a fortnight ago that his station in Reyes, on 4409, is alive and kicking. 5486.74 La Reina de la lva, Chachapoyas(Peru) 112kb 03/2004. I checked the frequency last night but could not hear anything with that ID. Quito 14/4 2004: David Norrie from Auckland, New Zealand has a un ID Ecuador on 1350 k Hz and I have checked the frequency last night and this wednesday morning. David: "Bjorn, I wonder if you would be kind enough to help with an identification On 1350KHz I am hearing a clear ID as Radio Continente Reuka in Ecuador at 05.27 UTC it also says "Radio Ecuador" and in English "very good" and "on line" and "La primera". Music and "La Cariñosa"-IDs up to close down 0300 UTC with "RCN "La Cariñosa Tuluha"-ID. Radio Tupi is the 2nd station and the first from Brazil on my audiocclips. Henrik Klemetz: "Radio San Francisco relays programming from WACC Radio Paz, 8-30 AM. Just these 3 stations: 1459.86 (no audioclip) HJZU RCN Antena 2, Pasto(Colombia) Sportsprogram. It is good to know that many ecuadorian stations are giving time/TCs from 2 time-ones: "... I am trying to play the tape back and get more details. Ondas de la Montaña, Medellín(Colombia) 145kb 0230 UTC 04/2004. Listen also to my recordings of RCN "La Cariñosa" Manizales(see 14/3) and RCN "La Cariñosa" Antioquia(see 7/4). The spanish speaking station interfering with Tupi on the recording is Caracol Colombia."Tupi Noticias". This station is in Miami, FL Their programming is also live on Real Audio".

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If you know of thi station and its true identity please let me know THis was heard at Tiwai point south Island of new Zealand on an AOR 7030 and beverage. 1349.96 un ID "Armonía 1350"(probably Colombia) 95kb 0300 UTC 04/2004. Bjorn Malm: "This morning 15/5 the station started 1000 UTC with colombias national anthem and ID "Armonía 13-50 - con dios todo el día". Jingel: "La tradicional en Antioquia - sonido sin límite". Every hour 27 minutes news, ads and ID with prefix. Is there also a connection beetween these stations and Radio Calidad "La Cariñosa"? 4530.00 HK793 Radio Versalles, Versalles(Colombia) 95kb 04/2004.