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"Strawberries and Cream" is the two-part season finale of the third season of The Mentalist.Together they make up the 23rd and 24th episodes of the season and the 69th and 70th episodes of the series overall.While Rigsby, Cho and Van Pelt attempt to protect Hightower long enough for her to turn herself in, Jane executes an elaborate scheme that could expose Red John's mole and potentially draw out the notorious murderer himself.The episode begins with a man (Jesse Lee Soffer) stopping his car at JD's Gas & Go Food Mart in Sacramento looking extremely nervous.They find out that James was related to Madeleine Hightower, which immediately alerts Jane that Red John was behind everything, and is hunting Hightower.Jane returns to his motel room where he has been staying and Hightower (Aunjanue Ellis) seeks him out.The plan works, they catch an assassin on camera inside the room designated to Bertram (605).

They install cameras in each room, and whichever room the assassin sent by Red John enters would tell them which suspect is the mole.

The investigation by the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) reveals the man, identified as Alan Dinkler, was coerced (with the bomb strapped onto him) into robbing his employers, a Cash In Motion store, of ,000.

Jane (Simon Baker) deduces that the stolen cash was a ruse to hide the real item of interest that was stolen – CDs which contained client transaction records.

He manages to extract the list of suspects of the Todd Johnson murder case from La Roche through a bluff.

They are: Brenda Shettrick (Rebecca Wisocky), CBI media relations; Osvaldo 'Oscar' Ardiles (David Norona), Assistant District Attorney; Gale Bertram (Michael Gaston), CBI director; and Craig O'Laughlin (Eric Winter) of the FBI. In an elaborate canary trap scheme, the agents inform the suspects about the location of Hightower.

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Hightower reveals that James was her cousin who had been sending her money (which explains why Red John was after the transaction records).

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