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Sets the transformation matrix from a local frame to a global frame.This method can be used to override the default behaviour for determining the local frame of reference with respect to a global frame.

Implements configuration related inner entities of Tango Application. Implements android message related inner entities of Tango Application.Implements permission related inner entities of Tango Application.Customization of the Tango connection can be done in the Unity editor or by programmatically setting the member flags.This sends out event callbacks to Components that implement ITango Pose, ITango Depth, etc. Note: To connect to the Tango Service, you should call Whether to adjust the size of the application's main render buffer for performance reasons (some Tango devices have very high-resolution displays, so this option exists as a hint that this may be necessary).

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If you have a specific Area Description you want to localize too, pass that Area Description in here. Status Tango3DRExtract Mesh Segment( Tango3DReconstruction.