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Employment law states that employees have a right to work in a harassment-free environment, and that employers are largely responsible for maintaining a harassment-free and discrimination-free workplace.The verdict attributed fault for the sexual harassment evenly between the hospital and the doctor.Once a decision has been reached, the investigator or appropriate manager should meet with the accused to explain the results of the investigation.The manager should affirm that retaliation is prohibited, and clearly state options if the outcome of the investigation is disputed.Employers can begin by protecting employees with a zero tolerance rule that is backed up with formal policies and complaint procedures.Employers also must be willing to conduct prompt, impartial and well-documented investigations when necessary and be prepared to take appropriate, corrective action when required.There are many misconceptions about internal investigations.

This group then determines the next steps which may include corrective action.

Error #4: A few informal “off-the-record” conversations with co-workers might be more effective than an investigation.

Undocumented conversations will provide little support if legal action is taken.

According to Kresock, the interviewer should conduct interviews with both direct witnesses and background witnesses.

Background witnesses might be supervisors or other co-workers who did not witness the event but might have information that could help explain what occurred.

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Error #3: No need to make this “official,” time will tell if a complaint is legitimate.

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