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where most of the lead characters' personalities had changed. Multiple couples will be shown as the story goes on.

Also revolves around Natsu Dragneel and his past as E. Peace has lasted twenty-five years in the real world.

However, the same cannot be said about the digital world.

It has been several millenia since the Gods of Egypt, Asgard and Olympus ceased their war for supremacy.Can Daichi Motomiya and his team save the digital world from darkness and follow the footsteps of destiny? What would happen if Ash existed in the Digimon Tamers World without any Pokemon or knowledge of them what so ever.Will him, Takato and the Digimon Tamers stop the crisis in the real and Digital Worlds?Includes Tamer Shipping (Ashx Rika)Takes place in an AU in Ancient Egypt. A Ω Meiō Shinwa (Ω冥王神話) story taking place after Omega's 2nd Season.After the fall of Zorc, his darkness was spread across the land. Some children have been found to possess incredibly powerful shadow creatures. Three heroes, three villains from each anime series of Yu-Gi-Oh! Koga and Eden return as Saints to avert the revival of the Underworld and a Holy War, a plan devised by a lamenting Goddess who is targeting the Saints out of revenge.

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In honor of celebrating the franchise's 15th anniversary, an unknown enemy breaks the laws of time and space by sending familiar villains into destroying each universe in the Digimon multiverse.

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