Is sandra bullock still dating ryan reynolds

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Is sandra bullock still dating ryan reynolds

Bullock’s statements come a few weeks after a new dual citizenship initiative was introduced in Germany.

Currently children born to foreign parents in Germany may not hold two passports and are forced to choose one nationality over another between the ages of 18 and 23.

It is something my mother wished for her children,” the actor said.

“Half of my family is German,” said Bullock, who was raised in Nuremberg for 12 years and grew up speaking German.

They dated for nearly four years, calling it quits in 2007. These days you wouldn’t dream about Cameron Diaz being engaged to Jared Leto, but yessir these two were set to walk down the aisle dating from 1999-2003.

However, they remained pretty good friends, after starring in Bad Teacher together. Bradley and Zoe enjoyed an on/off romance after meeting on set in 2011 filming The Words.

But so many other famous in love people flew under the radar. Oh, yeah – you forgot about that tainted love affair, didn’t you? Most of us know about Winona Ryder’s ill-fated relationship with Johnny Depp (the tattoo Winona Forever is etched into our brains for, well, ever), but a lot have forgotten about the love affair she hatched with a sparky young star in Hollywood – Matt Damon.

The plot of her new romantic comedy, with co-star Ryan Reynolds, also addresses issues of citizenship.

Her character plays a Canadian executive who presses her assistant (Reynolds) into marriage to keep her American work visa.

A group of politicians, academics and members of the church have set up a website under the name Wider den Optionszwang to coordinate a campaign to change the rule, which they say forces children to choose between loyalties.

There's no better time than the start of a new year to help bring about positive change in the world.

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The two, who have a 16 year age gap, dated in 2002 after starring in Murder By Numbers together.

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