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Furry online dating

He barks, wears dog ears and fursuits and generally represents the average furry, but my particular favourite is that it looks like he hasn't washed his hair in about 30 years. It truely goes to show how totally untalented furries are. In other news, I received an email a while back telling me of an article in the september '06 (Yeah this was a while back) issue of now-defunct gaming magazine Computer Gaming World.One of my favourite e-mail exchanges occured recently. The article was about furries, and the reader that bought this to my attention was kind enough to include a partial scan, and as it turns out, the article "borrowed" huge chunks of this website without my permission. CGW is/was owned by one of the world's biggest media organizations: Ziff Media - but there it was, huge chunks of my website re-printed in glorious colour on the pages of a popular magazine with a huge circulation. Like I said, they didn't ask for permission to re-print my writings, and they didn't even provide a link back.You're either a Furry, in which case you'll want to go to the Contact page so you can learn how to complain about this site.Or, you know nothing about Furries or what they are, so you should head to the About Furries page.Luckily, since this is Wikipedia, each page can be edited and updated by anyone.And since this is the internet and we don't stand for furryism here, they've had to shut down parts of the Wikifur site because people keep defacing it.One of the main arguments against zoophilia is that animals cannot "say no", or do not have the intellectual capability to dissent.This is naturally not the case if a sexual act is performed in a consenting manner with an intelligent being.

-J Here is a good youtube of a furry who has been denied the opportunity to legally change his name to Boomer the Dog. I found this website so funny I felt it was important to share.

A guy sent me a long email - typical of the kind I get all the time - defending his fursuiting, furry pornography, and ripping on this website as being biased etc. But he did so from the central admin email address of the web development company he apparently works for, and signed the email with his real name, job title etc. A heavy metal musician/guitarist, with a style that has been said to be similar to Dio. But I was not angry, and in the end any kind of mainstream exposure is a good thing.

I replied in typical fashion - indicating that I was not interested in his arguments - only to receive an apologetic email from someone who I assumed to be his boss a few hours later, apologizing for the guy's abuse of the admin email account of the company. I belong to a group of furries which have been hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to attack. I noticed that I have a link on the furry page of the Hungarian Wikipedia, which is more than I have on the English page.

Or, you're not a Furry, you already know what Furries are and you're here to get the lowdown on how to deal with them OR just laugh at them.

It is very good that this website has survived and continued to thrive now for almost thirteen years.

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