Eclipse validating xml slow

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Eclipse validating xml slow

I guess it's just a configuration issue, but which :-( I'm using eclipse 3.2M6 and wtp-1.5xxx thx for any help M;chi I'm using eclipse 3.2M6 and wtp-1.5xxx Do you have caching enabled using the Internet Cache preferences?Have you tried adding the schemas/DTDs referenced in the descriptor to your local XML Catalog?

As you make updates to a file, the editor incrementally reinterprets your document, changing the highlighting, tree view, and so on.

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(I use the term 'potentially' as some of the subcomponents can currently be added to/swaped through extensions and others can't.) The following tree shows how control passes in the validator: WSDLValidator | -- will perform steps 1 and 2 of validation by delegating to an XML validator and will then request a validator for the namespace of the WSDL document.

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