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The patch is typically pulled back through the barrel before being removed from the holder which can transfer fouling back off the patch into the barrel.

Jags are sized to the bore and fit snugly forcing the patch into the grooves for the full length of the barrel. Simply cover the mouth of a small bottle of solvent with the patch and quickly turn it upside down and back upright to soak the patch.

They can be purchased in quantity online for very little over one dollar each.

When using a brush it should be pushed or pulled entirely through the bore with no attempt to reverse direction inside the barrel.

There are several types of rods available including polished stainless steel (my preference), coated, and carbon fiber.Deleading wool is designed for scraping lead deposits out of a bore after shooting cast bullets but is also useful for cleaning out dried cosmoline or active rust from the bore and scrubbing the chamber.A small amount is wrapped around a cleaning brush, preferably one that is already worn out, and then used as any other brush.Bronze is the traditional material and will not harm the bore since it is softer than steel although they can wear out quickly.Stainless steel brushes last longer because they are harder than the bore itself but can damage it with overuse.

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Alternatively use a squeeze bottle and place a few drops of oil in the center of the patch or spray the patch with an aerosol can.

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