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Highlights of AEPF-8 activities on social protection 1. First part of the workshop tackled decent work-decent life aspects with case presentations on decent wages and on short-term contracting, while the second part tackled workers’ rights and social protection as basic entitlements of every individual, not as needs-based charity.

Problems and major issues were raised, and alternatives and people’s struggles in addressing these were also shared in the workshop. Europe Aid Cooperation Director Francesca Mosca, civil society representatives from Asia and Europe Sandeep Chachra and Bart Verstraeten, a human rights and law professor in Belgium Koen de Feyter, an Indonesian Representative to the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (Rafendi Djamin, and member of Malaysian Parliament Tian Chua were among the speakers in this lively dialogue that was chaired by former European Commission Director General of DG Regional Policy and now a Special Advisor to European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Paul Graham Meadows.

One of the major AEPF campaigns that had space at the AEPF-8 for exchanges among Asian and European civil society groups and with ASEM and European decision-makers on realities, analyses, and proposals is the campaign to Reclaim People’s Dignity or campaign for transformative social protection.

Transformative social protection takes on the expanded definition of social protection as a human right – not needs-based charity, but rights-based social justice that allows people to move out of poverty and deprivation, discrimination and abuse, as well as power imbalances, into an adequate life with dignity, equality, and freedom.

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Representatives from grassroots peoples’ organisations (e.g. urban poor, fisher folk, women, and formal and informal workers), NGOs, activist scholars, and parliamentarians actively took part in the workshops and seminars, sharing their own experiences and analyses in addressing the chronic poverty, especially in Asia, and exchanging proposals such as on urgent and transformative social protection measures.