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Camevent camevent

is able to terribly mess up your web browser settings and silently steal your important personal information.To be specific, it will firstly displace your web browser default homepage by itself, change your default search engine, and add its website address in your favorites without asking for your permission.

It doesn`t matter if ( malicious or not, if program is considered as potentially unwanted it may cause a lot of problems for you and your computer.

Some programs are able to add many various extensions to most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and so on.

This way may store some information on its users – for example, search queries, to show thousands of ads based on these preferences, though they are not relevant.

Advice to Managementmake it easier for those who dont know java script to create apps.

if you could describe in detail what you want and post it on a board devs can look at and maybe pick yours to build , you could offer compensation in $ tokens, or vids freebies etc Cons They have been giving me the run around.

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