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Google says Android phones with the latest security update are safe, as are Google Apps, Google App Engine and smart phone devices like Google Home, Chromecast and Google Wi Fi.You'll want to invoke a Site Isolation feature on Chrome or Chrome OS, however.

Listed below are the archives of "Anarchy Radio." Looking for the latest show? Sex dolls the same as Facebook in terms of avoiding human contact? Wolves' comeback in Europe, action briefs, two calls. Iran, Tunisia, Sudan, NYC fast-food workers, forest defenders)?

We expect the security research to be published later today and will provide further updates at that time."Update 2: The embargo on the vulnerabilities has expired early, and we now have a clearer idea of what they are.

Meltdown is the one at the heart of the issue, and uses speculative execution to break the "fundamental isolation" between apps and the OS in a bid to swipe data.

[audio] Iran erupts, eastern North America in deep freeze. Fred Moten: Black culture's mission is "to un-civilize, to de-civilize this country." Action news.

California still burning, AMRAK and other mass transport crashing.

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The chip giant shot down reports that the issue was unique to its CPUs, noting that it's working with AMD and ARM (not to mention multiple OS makers) to create a solution -- sorry, you're not safe because you have a Ryzen rig.