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Abismo de pasion capitulo 152 online dating

Back at the notary's, Elisa tries to convince Enrique to forget about Paloma and look for his happiness elsewhere.

Carmina catches them standing together, their hands joined; and crowing with malicious joy -- as if she had discovered them in flagrante -- she snorts that it looks as if Elisa needs to have every dam man in La Ermita.

This is too much for the normally phlegmatic Enrique. She is the one who broke up his parents' marriage by carrying on with the Doc even though she was married to Augusto!

Braulio is taking his afternoon meal in the fonda when Gabino Mendoza, the bandana Handed human emetic, slinks into the place, and settles opposite him.

Horacio has been lurking and watching and listening all this time. When headache boy rolls over on Rotten Citrus for Round Two, Horacio seizes his chance.

He runs like hell and gets out of there -- but not before Citrus spots him.

And Gabino pulls away in the camioneta, his clothes still in a pile on the seat beside him. "Are you afraid he'll tell the police you two were working together? Dam goes for a swim and Carmina dives in with malicious intent. Did anyone notice how the Final date changed from Nov 2 to the 5th? Your part about the cheer had me laughing out loud.The secretary interrupts the men to say that Carito has arrived.Dam is surprised to learn that Elisa and Carmina are selling the quinta. Elisa is expected shortly so Lolita invites her in to wait and stay for lunch.He scratches the surface and finds something -- an earring? It's the investigator she hired to find the truth behind the famous boletos. Alfonsina is so pleased with Santos's work, she gives him one more assignment: find Horacio and bring him to her before the police get hold of him.He will probably be somewhere close to his wife, Dolores Martínez. Hurting Elisa and making a profit at the same time? She kisses the check for the quinta and agrees to move out this afternoon so Carito can move in the following day. Paloma takes Elisa aside and begs her to help with the Gael Problem. She takes it from him, sends him ahead, and finally -- finally!

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Then, noticing Paloma's sadness, she blurts out that she needs to keep Gael on a shorter leash -- what was he thinking showing up at the restaurant in Mérida the night before!

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